Meeting Dutch Clarion User Group on Tuesday September 26

Hi All,

Hereby I would like to invite you to the meeting of the Dutch Clarion User Group on Tuesday September 26, 2019. The location is Hotel “De Biltsche Hoek” in De Bilt.

The meeting is open to all Clarion users. The spoken language will be Dutch. The meetings are held on a weekday evening in a location somewhere in the middle of the country.

We will start with a diner at 18:00 hr. The evening program will start at 19:30 hr. There will be several presentations of fellow Clarion programmers. At this moment not all the topics are not known yet but the known topics are:
• Experiences on Clarion 11
• Building webservice with REST and JSON for communication with a mobile app
• Use of SOAP and REST (client side)
• Using database triggers

The costs for participating including a diner in the restaurant will E 37,50 pro person. If you just join in for the afternoon or evening part that will E 14,=. Both will be including coffee/thee during the meeting hours.

You can sign in by sending an e-mail to: koenUNDERSCOREtjoaAThotmailDOTcom

Please tell us if you will be there the whole meeting or just a part. And of course the number of
people you will join with.

Best regards,

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