Memory block free'd twice

Greetings all.
Hope someone can help me out here.

Im using the Clarion ODBC Driver, which randomly crashes on the webserver with:

Error: memory block free’d twice
0A6345FF 0001:000335FF c4otrx.dll
74A0E3DC 0001:0002D3DC ODBC32.dll

Is this a multi dll app?
You can sometimes get this message with multi dll apps with circular references.

Manage to ‘sort this out’
The TPS ODBC driver crashes and corrupts files when it receives multiple simultaneous connections on PHP Apache environment. I limit it to one connection now and its working now.

It should be pointed out you are using the C4 version of the ODBC driver. That’s from like 1997 so the problem may not be present in the existing version.

Hmm, I did check with softvelocity its the latest, its just seems to be named that way
image .

Kajee is correct. The file name is C4*.dll even for the latest versions.