Memory Free Checking

As you might have seen from previous questions, I have been doing some work learning how Classes in Clarion work and using references to objects in a Queue. Everything seems to work fine and while I haven’t used CTQueue from @MarkGoldberg I have done basically the same thing to ensure that the hierarchy is DISPOSED when the root is DISPOSED.


  1. Do I need to do anything special or specific in the DESTRUCT procedure of my class to destroy SELF? DISPOSE(object) calls Object.DESTRUCT and in most examples I see that there is no specific destruct code so assume Clarion calls DESTRUCT and then frees them memory.

  2. Is there a way I can see that I am releasing memory and not causing a memory leak? I tried using TaskManager to see how much memory my app was using but when I destroy my hierarchy it does not seem to be releasing the memory. But then maybe Clarion hasn’t freed the memory to the OS at that point?

  3. Is there any function I can call to see how much memory is being consumed or used so I can track for a memory leak?

Thanks in advance folks