Merge Multiple PDF Files Into One

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I have an application requirement to take the first page of a hundred or so different PDFs and merge them into one PDF and open it for printing. What are my best options for getting that done?

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iTextCW allows to merge multiple PDFs.

QuickPDF or wPDF with CW wrapper

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Thanks, Mike. But I need to merge the first page of each 5 page file; not the the whole file.

Thanks, Bosjan. They’ve been bought out by Foxit and Foxit won’t tell you their pricing scheme. You have to ask for a quote. I usually don’t deal with that kind of vendor since it usually means they’ll be trying to charge an arm and a leg.

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Well I consider it as a feature request, which will be implemented in next release (the end of next March).

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If you have Tracker PDF library it can Merge PDFs.

It has a PDFMergeClass that makes it easy, but it always merges ALL Pages. You would have to use the PDF Toolbox Class.


Oh, I know. Worst behavior from their side. Which is bad because it is a good product with only one issue I have - they make pdfs from images. If you need it from WMFas vector data, you don’t get special chars (easterneurope in my case).
Other than that it is powerful.

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Do I understand this question correctly … you have multiple PDFs and want to print page 1 from each programmatically (ie: it’s not really necessary to combine/merge them to achieve this task) ?
If that’s correct, consider SumatraPDF command line printing as described here (print just page 1 from a file/files) …

If you really do need a final document containing all the ‘page 1s’ you could use Sumatra to print just the first page from each document to individual .pdfs, then combine/merge those.

Thanks, Julian, but they need to be one file. That’s so if they start printing, they can cancel one print and not 100s. I’m currently using PDFtk command line to merge them, but it’s ugly and takes a long time to merge.

iTextCW v1.0.0.7 is available, PDFMergeCallbackTest.clw demonstrates how to merge only 1st pages of the documents.

Do you have a link to the product page?

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nice one Mike - someone who actually delivers on time (as advertised and when they say!)