Message() White with Gray Button Panel like Windows API

I think I like the look of the Window API Message with the text on White and the Buttons on Gray. You see these in the Clarion IDE like this one, and most Windows Apps.


This is a comparison of a Message in classic all Gray on the left and White / Gray on the right. I think I like the way the White pops out more than the all Gray that blends into the other windows.

That message has one line of text, a more typical message below shows the text is closer to the buttons gray box. I am using Segoe UI 10 point while the API about is 9 point.

I did this in Capesoft Message Box with the below code. It gets executed at the end of PrepareProcedure ROUTINE after ThisMessageBox class does its work.

WhiteGrayRtn ROUTINE   !I want buttons on a GRAY Area 2x the hieght of a Button 
Widow_Width  LONG    
Widow_Height LONG    
Btn_YPos    LONG    
Btn_High    LONG
Gap_Button  EQUATE(7)   !Microsoft likes 7 DLUs above/below in Layout Specifications: Win32
More_White  EQUATE(2)   !Capesoft seem a little tight so +2 on White Space
GrayBoxFEQ  LONG    !New Gray box under buttons
GrayBoxHigh LONG    !Box Height = 2 x Button Height 
    GrayBoxHigh = Btn_High + 2 * Gap_Button   !Gray is Button High + Gap Above and Below

    0{PROP:Gray}=FALSE                        !Make Window White not Gray 3D
    SETPOSITION(0,,,,Btn_YPos + GrayBoxHigh + More_White)  !Window Height adjusted to Grey Box Height

    SETPOSITION(GrayBoxFEQ,0, Btn_YPos + More_White, Widow_Width, GrayBoxHigh)  !Box will end up 2x Button
    LOOP FEQ=?Button1 TO ?Button8
         SETPOSITION(FEQ,,Btn_YPos + Gap_Button + More_White)   !Move Button into Gray Box

If you are coloring (makeover) the window other ways this may not work without changes. It doesn’t use the color Gray Per Se it uses System Color Button Face that will be based on the user color settings. You can adjust spacing as you like. Some old specs from Microsoft suggest 7 DLUs above/below the buttons. 6 might be better, you can decide.

If you have Capesoft Message you can try it out and see if you like it?

Which Message do you like Gray or White
  • Clarion All Gray Message
  • API White / Gray Message
  • Colored My Way

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So the White Grey kind of draws your attention better to the buttons. By having the title the same colour as the message it doesnt draw attention to just the window title so much. I was think about the window titles the other day because in the DOS days, we didnt really have windows, it was just a screen and quite often you saw no window title although CPD did have their message at the top of the screen iirc.

The problem I find with windows that have the same colour title bar and background colour is that I can never find the damned titled bar when I want to move/maximise the window. Win10 is a definite step backwards in that regard in not letting you have as much flexibility over colours as prior OSs

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I don’t like the all white look either. Same for LIST controls that the Header is White like the Data rows. You can set PROP:NoTheme=True to help that.

You can change the Active title bar color under Personalize Colors. When I did this Chrome changed all its inactive Tabs to my Blue caption color. Not sure I like that. I have it in Dark Mode. Before they were all black and the active in Charcoal Gray.

The Inactive color remains White without a registry change to AccentColorInactive .

That’s especially true with MS Zune Video player.

You’re one of the 3 people to have a Zune? :slight_smile:

It’s the name of my default video player on Windows 10. Nothing I installed on porpoise.