Microsoft’s Xaml Islands can be used in a Clarion app. This allows “modern” UWP Windows controls to be used in a Win32 app

Don said : 'Dries Dreason demonstrated that Microsoft’s Xaml Islands can be used in a Clarion app. This allows “modern” UWP Windows controls to be used in a Win32 app.And speaking of Win32, which is Clarion’s playground, Microsoft has re-invested heavily in Win32 with Project Reunion, WinUI 3, and Xaml Islands. Microsoft has said that Win32 is very much a priority as it still dominates the market.'My question is Does somebody uses that in Clarion 10 ?Yes, I understand the whole concept of this Microsoft story. In C++, C#, winforms can that all be done very easy and natively. However, in vain I tried to write clarion instructions, I did not manage that in Clarion. Probably, Clarion needs some template, CLW & INC, or not? In my opinion this Microsoft thing is more useful than easyhtml ect. , and as well it is a open source concept… If you have any suggestions you would like to share, thanks as well.


Good topic, I’d like to know as well

I can answer: no one did.

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There are examples of connecting to Csharp in the old clarion mag…

Pinvoke calls clarion DLL’s and you can do a lot with that.

There are the OLE examples of creating a COM or Active X object in csharp and call that from clarion in clarion mag.

After ten years of using those approach’s in the end we just rewrite our Office access using the old OLE classes and modifying those.

ole was slower but the whole DOT NOT thing just got to be a PITA.

you have to whatch out for Load Locks and that means you cant have anything in your clarion dll that is a global instance that is not a Type.

where is the example of XML island? not that we want to do anything that are fixed controls these days and does not run on the new clarion internet render software if that works.

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Using XAML in a Clarion Application
Dries Driessen, Schoolcraft Legal Systems, Inc.
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Dries Driessen reply to our message, with demo link:
I presented hosting a xaml island inside a clarion application at the CIDC in 2019. I don’t have a recording of it - those are owned by ClarionLive. You can request the recording at [email protected].
I can share the demo app:

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@anon51095673 But we can’t find any app to learn how he did this

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tried the download outlook wont allow it.

he may have used the code that was published in clarion mag on csharp active x, or perhaps some new API’s , not sure have to ask clarionlive for the recordings if they allow it.

we are moving away from anything that uses DOT NOT.


Thanks @anon51095673 for your time, you are on the right track on this matter. Thanks again :slight_smile:

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