Microsoft’s Xaml Islands used in a Clarion app. This allows “modern” UWP Windows controls to be used in a Win32 app

Don said : 'Dries Dreason demonstrated that Microsoft’s Xaml Islands can be used in a Clarion app. This allows “modern” UWP Windows controls to be used in a Win32 app.And speaking of Win32, which is Clarion’s playground, Microsoft has re-invested heavily in Win32 with Project Reunion, WinUI 3, and Xaml Islands. Microsoft has said that Win32 is very much a priority as it still dominates the market.'My question is Does somebody uses that in Clarion 10 ?Yes, I understand the whole concept of this Microsoft story. In C++, C#, winforms can that all be done very easy and natively. However, in vain I tried to write clarion instructions, I did not manage that in Clarion. Probably, Clarion needs some template, CLW & INC, or not? In my opinion this Microsoft thing is more useful than easyhtml ect. , and as well it is a open source concept… If you have any suggestions you would like to share, thanks as well.

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Dries’s talk “Using XAML in a Clarion Application” was presented at CIDC 2019.
If you are a registered attendee then you can review the presentation, and materials, on the presentations page (after logging in.)

If you are not an attendee, but you want to see the session, then you can still purchase on online registration via ClarionShop for $295.


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Seems a bit steep to charge $300 for the ability to see a presentation which is over 2 years old and may contain information that’s now outdated.
Is this something that Dries Driessen has worked up into a product that we can buy properly?

I wonder if the CIDC organisers would consider making past presentations available freely after a certain time period, say 2 years?
Surely after that time all costs would have been covered.


Dont know if this is useful? Its a C++ example but I’m sure you can do it. :wink:
GitHub - ChrisGuzak/Win32XamlApp: Using Xaml in the Win32 app model using DesktopWindowXamlSource

Host a standard WinRT XAML control in a C++ desktop (Win32) app using XAML Islands - Windows apps | Microsoft Docs

Using the WinRT XAML hosting API in a C++ desktop (Win32) app - Windows apps | Microsoft Docs

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Looks a nightmare. The windows message queue needs resetting when you destroy the manager and then you cant create another one on that thread.

It all looks very messy.

Which bit are you referring to?