Missing Data after copy/paste and minimize CW 11.0.13372

A customer called with an odd situation.


highlight a data entry field like customer name
press Ctrl-C to copy
minimize my CW exe and paste data (Ctrl-V) into textpad or word or other program and switch back to the CW exe and the data is missing

Now the key word here is minimize if they just switch to another program by clicking on the taskbar icon everything is fine - it’s just when the minimize my CW exe.

I can replicate it on the server and also running on my local PC

CW 11.0.13372 - Legacy APP

Did you rule out a SETCLIPBOARD() anywhere in the vicinity of a minimize event? :slight_smile:

I could not locate any SETCLIPBOARDs in the code - good suggestion though

Hmmm. I’m running Clarion 11.0.13505 on Windows 11. I am unable to recreate that problem in my Clarion-template app. My app is not MDI if that matters, that is, the MDIChild option is False.
Oh wait. the MDI option apparently does matter. But Legacy or ABC template probably doesn’t matter.
In my ABC app (that I inherited) with the MDIChild option True, the problem you describe, is exactly what happens in this app.

Yes it is a MDI app - thank you for the confirmation of behavior


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