Missing Procedure Extensions?

I’ve upgraded an app to Clarion 8.0 and all was going well, but I now seem to have a problem with getting access to registered extensions.

In a Form procedure, if I click on Extensions and then Insert, I do not get the option to add the VCR Toolbar extension (among others), but it is definitely registered and enabled in the Template Registry?

It’s an old app, so I am using the Clarion templates, not ABC.

Any ideas on how I can make Clarion 8 “see” that I should have access to those Procedure Extensions??

Thanks for any assistance.


Hi Edward,

I use Clarion 8 Legacy quite a bit and I am not having these issues.


Mark Sarson

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I’m in the same boat as Mark. We use it extensively, and I haven’t see this problem.

Note that some templates require prerequisites. For example, you cannot add BrowseUpdateButtons control template without first having a BrowseBox control template with which the update buttons are associated.

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