Modern borderless windows in Clarion

I would like to make a more modern appearance of my windows and I was thinking about using border less windows, with no minimize/maximize controls and no title in order to have just a square window. I would create my own buttons on the window to do the same actions as the control buttons.

What I am also interested in, is to be able to click the form, hold down left button and move the window around the screen.

Does anybody have some code or a routine to accomplish this? In ‘normal’ window programs I guess this is normally done using a combination of the mouse event and the x/y coordinates. Probably the same in Clarion, I would imagine.

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Thanks. I will look into it.

Read this thread

I gathered some code here

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I’m triyng this code to move my window, but I guess I’m doing something wrong becasuse it doesn’t work properly.
The problem is that when I move the window, the buttons in the window stop working.
I put the region in the top of the window because I’d ike to use only this area to move the window.
In the window there are lots of controls and buttons

This don’t look like normal buttons? Are they some kind of active image or OCX?

Take out those NoWidth=1 NoHeight=1. They are making it FULL so it is over the buttons and then they can’t be clicked.

Edit: The Prop:Full=1 would cause your problem. If the Region gets over the Buttons they will not click. That example was an About Window with NO buttons where I wanted the user to grab it anywhere. That makes it hard to deal with in the Window Designer so I do it at runtime. I’ll add some comments.

Info from Skype…

Are you sending the accept loop events out to debugview to get a clue before things go awry?

They are just buttons with a png image
I tried taking out those two lines. Full=1 and Nowidth Noheight, but there’s something weird…
The buttons in the window start working but when I move the window for the first time then the buttons stop working.
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Try adding a ,CURSOR(CURSOR:Hand) to the Region so any time you are hovering over it should should that Hand (Finger Pointer). If that Hand shows over your buttons that means the Region got put over them and they won’t work. Maybe by Resizer.

#2 after EVENT:MouseUP HIDE(?MoveRegion) so you get one Move. If hiding fixes the problem that also indicates its over the buttons.

I’ve tried both.
The hand cursor is ok in the right place.
Also I’ve tried to hide it on MouseDown

This is the accepted code of one of those buttons:

RUN('capital.exe ’ & GLO:LetrasUsuario & ', ’ & GLO:NivelUsuario)

I put a message, and after the first move, it doesn’t appear any more

Well, after a couple of tries… I found MY error…
As I wrote before I put the complete code in the accepted of the region.

But then I sought in clarion code where this code was:
OF ?MoveRegion
OF Event:MouseDown

and then I wrote just the part of the code in it as I show you in the picture
So, the problem was solved and it was mine!
Thanks guys!Imagen 2