Money-back 30 day refund offered by SoftVelocity?

It doesn’t seem to say on the SoftVelocity website. So should I assume there is no money-back refund within 30 days of purchasing a new subscription to Professional Edition?

History would suggest to never expect a refund from SV.

Thank you for the quick response. It is what I had expected and thought.

Myself and others purchased Clarion.Net many many years ago, Dead Product.
I once asked for a refund, no luck.
Then asked if SV will use my $1600.00 for 2 CSP renewals, no luck.
Took our money and …

So best of luck trying to get a refund.


Yep. Understood. Thanks, Johan.

Call SV sales and ask to be sure.

You could also ask for add-ons, e.g. if you bought the IP driver?

I get frustrated that the documentation PDF cannot be downloaded for add-ons, if I knew I had 30 days I would be more likely to buy.

Thanks Carl. I want to teach some interested high-school students Clarion but asking them to fork over $1000 non-refundable for Clarion 11 PE for the class is not viable. I guess it wouldn’t hurt any to call SV about it. I will do that, and get back to you.

same problem with

I sent an email to [email protected] on March 11.
I haven’t received a reply yet.

The last email I received from [email protected] was in May 2020 regarding the second beta release of AnyScreen, which I paid for in February 2020.

I will call them tomorrow.

I received an email from SV. Doreen didn’t say whether it is free or whether it is refundable. She said it is a PE license for education. It is a regular PE license. I just need to provide the contact person, address, and email of my students.