Move Clarion 11 license from one machine to another

I want to move Clarion 11 license from one machine to another. I already uninstalled it from current machine and installed it on another machine.

It allowed me to activate license on another machine but somehow it is not opening any of the app. This strike me that somehow license deregistration is not happended properly on previous machine. Now if I install Clarion 11 on old machine, it doesn’t ask me for any license key which proves license is still not deregistered from that machine.

Any suggestion on deregister license from machine? FYI - Both machine have Windows 11.

There’s no central deregistration/registration mechanism. If you see your name on the about screen, it’s registered.

Yes, I can see that on new machine. Is there any restriction while installing Clarion 11 on Windows 10?

I haven’t tried the last couple of C11.1 builds, but had no issues with Win 10 before.

If your solutions are multi-dll ( a couple of app files) when you open a solution it does look like nothing was opened. It’s quite confusing and I run into the same problem when I first installed Clarion 9 working on C6 previously.
Do you have “Solution Explorer” window active?
You should see your apps list there when you open your solution

What do you mean, specifically, when you say it won’t let you open any apps?

One thing you can do is turn off quiet mode. Then you might get more detail error messages.

  • Open Clarion, go to Tools → Open Configuration Folder.
  • Close Clarion.
  • Open ClarionProperties.xml in an editor and search for QuietMode.
  • Change the value to False.
  • Save ClarionProperties.xml
  • Restart Clarion and try to open an APP
  • What messages do you get?

When moving machines it is always worth checking the base redirection file, just in case you have something slightly different in the path setups.