Moving Procedure(s) between APP (DLL/EXE) in a solution or otherwise

Given that your Solution compiles fine and you want to reorganize which procedure occurs in what DLL’s. Normal Export and import or import from an App can give you a lot of template grief as they show as duplicate and show symbols missing etc. The traditional best bet is to export to TXA and fix your TXA and then re-import.

What I propose to alleviate this pain is to try the following.

High level overview.

  1. Take a backup of your APP and DCT. This is so you got something to go back to… seems obvious.
  2. Then copy your app folder to another folder, something you know is Work in Progress.
  3. Import the procedures to your destination app from your original app and see what templates make it break. (This is an information process.
  4. Identify the Template(s) which give you duplicate issues.
  5. Go to your copied app folder in 2 above. Find the global template(s) and remove them and save your app. (The propagated procedures should now be removed.
  6. Close and open your real app, and import from your saved app as edit and described in folder in 2 above.
  7. Replace all the procedures if they have been imported before.
  8. Add back missing templates to your revised destination application and configure.
  9. You can now remove from your originating app (if in the same solution) once you ready and if need be to create the external procedure names and prototyping.

All in all this will alleviate some pain when moving procedures between app’s (DLL’s/ EXE). So you do not have to play with the TXA and do the stripping there. It is easier to remove and add template in most cases than playing with TXA files and getting “cross eyes”

I am sure this is not 100% failsafe, so tweak to suite your experience. It seemed to work for me.

Hope this helps.