MSSQL Dictionary Owner Connect String Not Working in CW

I have the following entry in CW 11.1 dictionary Owner Name column:, aidsdata, NJPies, 9YMEqn9qFun*e2FeVDHbZe76L9cu-4e7


  • is server
  • aidsdata is database
  • NJPies is username
  • 9YMEqn9qFun*e2FeVDHbZe76L9cu-4e7 is password

This never works in CW BUT it is accurate. It works from MS SQL Server Management Studio.

is there a password size limit entry in CW?
is there a way to get around this?


First, what is the actual error you are receiving?
A couple of things to try.
Add [] around your server name.
Open management studio and connect to your server. Open the Management branch in the Object Explorer. Then open the server logs branch and open the most recent server log. You will see more detailed error information about the login attempt and what was actually wrong. SQL sends a generic login error message back to the application so it does not leak security info that might help a hacker.
If you do not see a login attempt error in the SQL logs, then your application is probably never even connecting to SQL to attempt to login.

not sure, but why do you have spaces? Try without it, like,aidsdata,NJPies,9YMEqn9qFun*e2FeVDHbZe76L9cu-4e7


I be damned!

It is the spaces.

Removed spaces after each comma and it works!!!

Thank you all a million!!


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great!! nice to know. Never had this kind of problems, but also never had spaces in conn string :slight_smile: