Multi Threaded Programming PDF

I’m converting a Clarion 5.5 multi-dll application to Clarion 10. I’ve seen lots of documentation referring to “Multi Threaded Programming PDF” but can find that document no where. Does anyone know where I can find it?


It was distributed with Clarion 6.x in the Docs folder.

There is a documents folder in the Clarion install folder that has several PDF’s related to Clarion. I don’t remember off hand if that specific one is there but it’s worth a look.

Hi Marie,

Look in the %ClarionRoot%\docs folder and find AdvancedTopicsReferenceGuide.PDF
most of the text from the old pdf you mention has been added to that.
It’s listed as ‘Thread Model Documentation’

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My original 6.0 CD contains a “Docs” folder, dated 11/6/2003, with 19 PDFs and a “White Papers” sub-folder with 2 PDFs. My subsequent 6.2 CD contains the “Docs” folder, dated 6/22/2005, with 16 PDFs but no “White Papers” sub-folder. I must have received 6.3 as a download as I can’t find a CD.

The file sizes are not the same so it appears the PDFs have been revised in the 6.2 version.
Both the 6.0 and 6.2 copies, that I have, contain the desired PDF “MultiThreadedProgramming.PDF”

The 2 “White Papers” sub-folder PDFs are threading related.

Is it legitimate for a ClarionHub member (me) to provide these PDFs to another member?

Best Regards to all,
Doug Selzler

It’s legitimate if you ask SV support permission first

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I called SV and spoke with Doreen. She indicated that the current distributed Help has an “Advanced Topics…” section and thought that historical PDFs may have been merged into something there.

Doreen gave me permission verbally to provide the requested PDF(s) but indicated that much had changed since it was written.

Marie, I am happy to provide the PDF you are looking for as well as the 2 White paper PDFs. Can you provide an e-mail or instruction for me to get these to you?

Doug Selzler

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Thanks Doug. My email address is [email protected].

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This is a great example of the Clarion community coming together to help each other. I think that is one of Clarion’s strongest points. Honored to be a part of it and I’m thankful to ClarionHub for providing a venue to provide that help.