MultiChildRelationtree - updateforms


I am trying to write an application with an sqlite db as database. I believe the db to be irrelevant here, but I mention it. At the moment it contains only one file which contains the fields ‘name’, ‘id’ (a primary key) and ‘ID_FK’ - with a foreign key.
Also for this file I have created an alias with a relationship between the primary file and the alias file, where the foreign key in the alias file, refers to the primary key in the primary file.

I then use the multichild relation template to build a tree where I have secondary persons(nodes) linked to the primary persons. This works fine . I can build up a tree with persons and connected persons, all saved in the same database file, using alias.

For New/Update/View of a tree node I use a separate ‘updateform1’ for primary and child (alias) files - ‘updateform2’.

This is ok for 2 levels, but what if I have 10 levels - do I then need 10 updateforms, or is it possible to build one generic updateform for all node levels?

Any suggestions on how to simplify the updateform, or shall I just make several copies of the updateform - each referring to its only alias?

Does anybody know how many aliases it is possible to use for a file?


I have encountered this and use a single update form using an alias that is just used for updates. I pass the ID of the to be updated record to the Form as a parameter. The Form Fetches the record high in the init.

All works well.