Multiple selected controls for moving on screen, last selected one gets duplicated

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Has anyone else noticed when selecting multiple controls and then moving them on a window, the last one clicked on so it goes white when all the rest are black, gets duplicated?

I’ve seen this twice today when moving controls on a tab the first time and the second time was on a tab inside a group but not inside the group because I got asked by a popup window do I want to move the control inside the group.

yes you are not imagining it - I too have seen this in the past.

Maybe you are holding down Ctrl to lasso or multi select, then Not releasing Ctrl when you drag?

A “Feature” of Designer is holding down Ctrl and Dragging a control Duplicates it like the F2 Key.

Do NOT do this feature in an APP because it is buggy. IIRC the original control loses its Actions and Embeds, or they end up moved to the new control.

You can use it in hand code. I like that you can Dup and Position the new control in one mouse move, versus F2 that places the new control in the center.

A tip: after selecting multiple by holding down the Ctrl key you can change the White control by releasing the Ctrl key then clicking on one of the selected controls. The White control is the one used for the Alignment tools so some times you want to change it.

Yes, Ctrl to lasso controls, I’ll pay more attention next time about whether I release the Ctrl key or not.

Its sounds like I am, but I think I’m releasing it before its had a chance to duplicate all the controls,so typically only one or two controls (last night) got duplicated.

For now, after selecting all the controls in question, I just use the arrow keys to move them around abit.

I have noticed the Tab pane seems to reverse the order of a couple of selected controls, so if I have a prompt and entry field in that order on the wrong tab, when I select both and drag them up to the correct tab and in between the existing controls they need to be in, the prompt will swap order with the entry control which is something else I’m having to watch out for now.