Multiple SHEETS with 1 LIST use IDE Clarion 11

I am a new IDE clarion 11. I get a problem, when I want to make browse with 3 SHEET. Each SHEET uses a different key. I made 1 list on 1 SHEET, then I copied it to 2 other SHEETS. When I look at the Embeditor source, in SHEET there are 3 Tabs with each list. The results are different from the example given by clarion 11. In the example program that I opened with the Embeditor, in SHEET there are 3 Tabs without a list, and the list is under SHEET.

Can anyone help me. How to do it with IDE clarion 11, so that the results match the example given, which is in SHEET there are 3 Tabs without a list, and the list is under SHEET.

Your help will be greatly appreciated.


Actually, the list needs to be outside the sheet declaration. That way, it will appear on all 3 tabs.

If using the Browse template, changing keys used with the list can be defined on the Conditional tab settings for the Browse using something like:
?Sheet{PROP:ChoiceFEQ} = ?Tab:Number

Hope that helps and gets you going.


As noted you want a single LIST like below not on a TAB. Use the Tab Order tab, or edit in the Window… Editor.

Window WINDOW('Browse Vendors'),AT(,,627,376),FONT('Microsoft Sans Serif',8),DOUBLE,GRAY, |
          LIST,AT(4,23,431,184),USE(?Browse:1),HVSCROLL,FORMAT('162L(2)|M*~Vendor Name~' & |
            '@s39@144L(2)|M*~Sort Name~@s39@14C|M*~ST.~@s1@34R(4)|M*~Vend. No.~C(0)@n_6' & |
            '@32R(2)|M*~Auto. No.~C(0)@n_6@28R(2)|M*~Group~C(0)@n_6@56R(2)|M*~Purch. Fi' & |
            's. Yr.~C(0)@n-15.2@'),FROM(Queue:Browse:1),IMM,VCR,#FIELDS(GLO:VendorName,VENMST:SortName, |
            VENMST:Status,VENMST:VendorNo,VENMST:AutoNo,VENMST:GroupNo,VENMST:PurchasesCYr), |

            TAB('&Vendor Id.'),USE(?IdTab),#ORDINAL(46)
            TAB('Vendor No.'),USE(?VendorNoTab),#ORIG(?Tab3),#ORDINAL(47)

If you want the same file in multiple browses in the same procedure you must setup alias files in the DCT.

And the next step is that in the Actions for the list you go to “Conditional Behaviour” and for tabs beyond the first tab you put choice(?currentTab) =
and put in the key to use for that tab

As noted by @totalhip TotalHip an alternative to Choice(?CurrentTab)=1,2,3… is ?CurrentTab{PROP:ChoiceFEQ} = ?Tab:Label. That way if the Tabs are reordered, or a new tab inserted, the code still works as before.

FWIW … a SHEET works like an OPTION where ?CurrentTab{PROP:Value} returns ‘Text Label’ of the selected TAB(‘Text &Label’). Note the & Amp is removed.

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Have been around too long. I had honestly forgotten the reason why using PROP:ChoiceFeq is preferred.
Thanks for the wake-up reminder.