My App Interfering with Cisco Jabber

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But even using MessageBox does not normally add the min/max buttons to the message window. Something more is going on. :wink:

Cool - so then to answer earlier comments in the thread, yes you are “hooking” your own MESSAGE procedure.
So there’s good news, and bad news with that.
The bad news is that the “new” MESSAGE procedure you are using is just a Clarion procedure in your app tree. So there’s no reason for it to be interacting with Jabber, since, um, it’s just a bog standard procedure.

The good news though is that it’s much easier for you to debug, since, it’s just a procedure in the app. So you can do things like exclude code and experiment to narrow down the actual source - the line of code that causes Jabber to behave like it does.

One immediate test to try is running the MessageBox example on the problem machine to see if it exhibits the same issue.


Hi Bruce,

Here are some results:

  1. CapesoftMessageBox\ This app DOES exhibit the same issue.
  2. CapesoftMessageBox\MesBox&HyperActive\ This app doesn’t exhibit the same issue.
  3. Blank new app with MessageBox added doesn’t exhibit the same issue.

The customer IT contact said the behaviour is the same as clicking text that is a phone number in any Microsoft Office 365 app (Word, Outlook etc). Doing this will open Jabber too.

Also upgrading to C11 didn’t resolve the issue.


Excellent. So you have one app where it has the problem and one where it does not.
So you can compare them, and slowly move them closer to each other until you see the problem occur.
This will narrow down the root of the cause.

So compare the global settings in the 2 apps, and slowly adjust the settings so that the working one becomes a problem one.

Before looking at the MessageBox settings, start with the Manifest settings and see if both apps have the same manifest. Once that’s sync’d up move onto the MessageBox settings.


Care to elaborate further on the ‘Manifest settings’ as both apps have the exact same global settings?

Global Properties,
app Settings,
Application Manifest

Thank you. In regards to the app manifest:

  1. CapesoftMessageBox\ Does have a manifest set.
  2. CapesoftMessageBox\MesBox&HyperActive\ Doesn’t have a manifest set.

I’ve set the ‘’ app to have a manifest and have asked the customer to see if this app now exhibits the same behaviour. They are away until 6th of Oct so will have to wait until then for an answer.

The customer has said that both Capesoft MessageBox test apps are now exhibiting the same behaviour and causing the Cisco Jabber window to open. This is with both apps having a manifest generated in the app settings. When the manifest is not generated then the issue doesn’t happen.

The problem is that my app doesn’t have the manifest set in the exe app. The exe app does have a separate manifest file created by IngaSoftPlus EasyCam.

Also in a demo app I created with just a ‘Main (Frame)’ proc and MessageBox added with and without a manifest doesn’t cause the Jabber window to appear. Tried all the same template settings and global property settings but can’t get this demo app to behave the same way.

Anyone have any further recommendations?


I removed CapeSoft MessageBox and replaced with my own ‘message’ window with a timeout (which is all we used it for) that doesn’t hook the builtin message function. Tested successfully with the customer.

Pretty simple to do. If anyone wants the code let me know.


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It would still be nice to know what actually caused it, whether or not it was within MessageBox itself. Glad you got rid of the problem though.