My App Interfering with Cisco Jabber

Hi Everyone,

I have a strange issue that is occurring for one of our customers. Our app messages are inputting text into the Cisco Jabber search field:

Has anyone seen this before and know how to fix? Using C11.13372.


Is that the builtin MESSAGE() or a PROP:MessageHook’d?

Can you duplicate the issue?

Hi Jeff,

It’s the builtin MESSAGE().

I don’t have Cisco Jabber to replicate with. It’s also not on the customer’s server. I would need to access a client PC to test further.


I don’t recall seeing min/max buttons on a MESSAGE() window. I guess there must be a switch I don’t normally use.

Just a default ‘Confirm cancel’ message window:

Would there be a problem if it was hooked? How would you be able to tell if the message window was hooked globally or locally (this is a multi-dll app)?

Does window focus change to Jabber when this happens?
Ignoring the focus thing for a minute, the 2 most obvious ways of the text appearing there are that either it’s copied from the clipboard or ‘typed’ in by a hook of some kind.
So what’s on the clipboard when this happens?

Hi Paul,

Yes the window does lose focus and the Jabber window has focus.

The clipboard does not have the text in it.

Here is a link to a video showing the problem:

I’ve just noticed this client has an older version of our software using C8 instead of C11. Might try upgrading them first unless you or anyone else has any other ideas.


Wow. Is it just that 1 window in your app that does this, or does it happen from anywhere in your app?
You could use something like Spy++ or APIMonitor to find out what’s causing Jabber to come to the front and get the text, but even then I’m not necessarily sure you’d be able to do anything about it (depending on where it’s coming from).
I think I’d try getting them an app compiled with a newer version, and then go from there.

The client says it’s any message window. Upgrade is booked in for Tuesday next week so will let you know how it goes.

Do any other developerss get min/max buttons on their standard MESSAGE() windows?

If not, I still think it’s worth looking at the possibility that something is PROP:MessageHook-ing the MESSAGE() and it could be possible that the stuffing is happening there.

I do not see min/max buttons on messages, either.

Kwiklook seems to be a sort of communications tool for multiple users.
Is it possible you’re sending some windows message (or using HWND_BROADCAST with SendNotifyMessage) that Jabber sees as it’s own?

Looks pretty neat though - recognisably Clarion but Wow :slightly_smiling_face:

…and that’s definately not a standard MESSAGE dialog.
Not only have you non-standard minimize/maximize icons but you also have your custom icon in the top left hand corner - there isn’t a parameter in the MESSAGE command to set that.
Yes you can set an icon - but that appears inside the window ICON:Question in the example posted.

So it’s a window.
Maybe you’re logging all the hooked messages to DebugView or a MailSlot or some other IPC method.

Thanks! That’s the old version too, the new version looks slightly better thanks to AnyFont and MakeOver.

Also kwiklook is only adding records to an MSSQL database, there is no broadcasting done anymore (used to via one function using Nettalk but that is no longer used).

We are definitely not logging messages to debugview or mailslots.

If I do a text search for ‘PROP:MessageHook’ there is only 1 result (out of all dlls and exes) in the global dll clw file:

I’m guessing this is Capesoft WinEvent making it hooked?

Trent - that’s CapeSoft’s MessageBox which uses ds_Message to hook all messages.
That one line is all it takes because it’s a system property.

Morning coffee didn’t kick in in time :slight_smile: I’ll contact Bruce to discuss further.

So the app has MessageBox in it? Or you just have that installed?

Hi Bruce,

The app has had MessageBox in it for years.

So the obvious question, although maybe not so practical, is what happens if you just use the normal Clarion MESSAGE?