Need Help to install Clarion Free Image template to C11.1

Has anyone had experience installation Clarion Free Image on C11.1? I’m at the setup installer step and the only version available is 11.0 and it does not give an option to choose 11.1.

I’m using the 3.15.8 (2018.12.20) for C11.

I check the website and it does not appear to have an an updated install for c11.1.

Any help or steps to accomplish this install would be appreciated.


Try running the setup with /DisableAuto “option also lets you support different Clarion build
of the same version” mentioned in the below post

Or you could use my tool to install into a Fake 9. Then copy files from fake Accessory Bin Lib LibSrc Template etc into 11.1 and register the templates. There will be an uninstall log file that lists every installed file and action.

Thanks for the suggestions Carl. I’ll work on this and give you some feedback on how it goes.


Just copy related files from Clarion directory that you have free image installed to relating directories in c11. 1

That worked for me and will work for you too

Hi, I ended up with a similar solution to your copy idea. I found that when I used the installer for CFI and defaulted to my C11.1 folder of C:\Clarion111 … it did find the \accessory\template\win folder and put the template in the right place.


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