Nettalk with Premiere - problem with national special characters in the email message body


Using Premiere and Nettalk to send pdf invoices and I wanted to customize the message text. The default is “See attached file for” and the attachment name and I wanted it to be a simple text in Polish language. I created an email template with a few sentences but i’m not getting special characters displayed correctly

My template is very simple html (1.4 KB) and when I open it in browser everything looks ok.

Getting the same problem with text only ( not html ) templates.

When I put text in “email tags” like [synopsis] or [signature] special chars display fine, but not sure how do create like breaks in there.

On a separate note - is there a way to create additional custom email tags to be placed in the template?

Any help will be appreciated


I dont see the same text in your image from your file.
My browser and pc settings should be set to british english so this is how your text is being displayed at this end.

I’m sure @Bruce will be along to explain something is not working.

Hi Greg,

you need to spend a bit of time understanding string encoding. I recommend webinar #583 ( and #questions

You really want to spend some time on this, because when you understand this, then your issue becomes understandable.

Specifically when I say that our email template is set to use encoding utf-8, and it’s likely the data in your database is encoded as windows-1256.

From there it’s a case of setting your outgoing email to “know” that it’s also in utf-8 format, and appropriately convert what you need to convert.

The exact details are going to depend on your code, how you are constructing the email, and so on.

Hi Bruce.
I am familiar with string encoding. I normally use UTF-8 everywhere except my Clarion work where I’m forced to use Windows 1250 Code Page and convert my strings whenever I need to make SOAP or REST call.
And that is where my problem came from as I was using UTF-8 encoded file as template. When I changed the encoding of template, both html and text, to ANSI (CP-1250) I started getting correct characters in emails. I think it’s worth mentioning in the docs, that templates need to be ANSI encoded and are converted to UTF-8 by NetTalk.

Hi Greg,

It’s excellent that you understand String Encoding. My job would be a lot easier if everyone did :slight_smile:

Your comment on the docs is noted.