New release Clarion 11.1 Build 13815 May 2022 email sent again August 2023?

I just got an email that a new build was released. But it is build 13815 which was already released last may. Any else also got this email?

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Several have received it again today



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I thought there’s was an update but…

Are CLARUN.DLL, CLARUNL.LIB and CLACLW.DLL files binary the same?

the install file inside the zip was from 2022, as also shown in the readme:

*/— Clarion 11.1.13815 May 16, 2022 ----- Fixes/Changes/Features–/

FIX: Compiler- an INCLUDE(file) that also had a nested INCLUDE(file) and the nested include file was not found, no error was reported.
FIX: Template Prompts were incorrectly cascading the color from the Container control (Tabs,Group,etc.)

I did a binary file compare of the .zip files and they were the same, so guess yes.

Yeah, I was thinking they dropped a new release for CIDC 2023. But, “no” a binary compare shows this update to be identical to the last one.

The new version number will be 13844, and it will include the fix for the property assignment not disposing the variable and other missing dispose of memory, but even with those fixes there is still some memory leak.
I try multiple times to contact you in different ways but or you don’t receive my messages or you don’t want to answer.

Hmm, I am afraid I didn’t receive them. Also not in my spambox. I set you my email adres in a PM.

Never mind, you were responding to Also…

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Diego how many memory leaks are there in Clarion 11 that have not been fixed?

YOU called the variant of the RTL which fixed that and bunch of other issues as infected. Subject is closed. All my updated sources were sent to SV. Ask them.

I don’t want a compiled DLL from YOU, I just want an SV released version that works and don’t leak.
You didn’t fix the whole problem, just the most noticeable one that you call “critical”,
but there is still memory leaks even with the files you send to SV as you can test yourself with the code
I post here and send you multiple times (that you didn’t bother to answer since last January/2023).