New Repository - Windows Styled Listbox Marking for Clarion listboxes

Uploaded an example & Class.

This basically makes use of the existing MARK attribute of a listbox,
but adds more functionality.

Caveat: If you have more than 65536 records in your queue, then the
marked records don’t display correctly if you programmatically update
the value of the MARK field.

Other than that, it’s kind of nice to not have to color every field in
the listbox just to achieve marking. Clarion takes care of it with the
Mark attribute.

I have not tested this on a file-loaded browse. Would be nice if it
worked, but I don’t know if it does.

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Perhaps a bit confusing, but I assume by “standard listboxes” you refer to a queue loaded listbox that does NOT use the ABC Browse Class (w/ FileLoaded=True).

Also, this class is not suitable for a page loaded browse. It is only for standard listboxes. At the time of this writing, I don’t know if it will work with a File Loaded Browse.

Hi Douglas - I will try to clear that wording up. I have only tested this with handcoded listboxes. I have not tested this with a file loaded template generated browse. It definitely is not suitable for a page loaded browse.

Thank you.

nice work;
do you know how I can position at the end of a hand coded list box when open the window ??
PressKey(CtrlPgDn) !Control-Page down
doesn’t work.
regards, marcelo

In the demo, look for ListMarker.TakeHotKey(HomeKey). Change HomeKey to EndKey.

I had already tried “ListMarker.TakeHotKey(EndKey)”, but it doesn’t work;
The procedure is a ABC window including a hand coded listbox, and a lot of alert keys and buttons.
I will try to debug it and check which code interferes; perhaps it will be easier if I recode it as pure code (ie not using abc classes);
thanks, marcelo

Let me know how it goes or if there’s something I can do.

thanks for your offer;
I have in my files something you wrote in 1998 about list-box-marking, and I assume you know quite a bit about the subject.
regards, marcelo