New Template features/functions since C6

Does anyone know of a list that documents the new features/functions in the templates since C6?

So far I have spotted Edit for use with prompts, I guess people hadnt been using TEXT with AT(,)
EDIT( [, <size> ] )

Didnt know if there were any more new things or changes?

Plus, has anyone tested #EmptyEmbed to see if that works (it didnt in my C6 version), but now I’ve been forced to abandon my XP and C6 instance, I might as well get up to speed with C11 where possible.


Can you clarify this please Richard? I’m not too familiar with what you are referring to here…

You’re talking about 15 odd years of updates here, and starting at C6 is something of a specific starting point. I’m not aware of any specific list that covers this specific range, but suffice to say there’s probably quite a lot of changes - some significant, some less so, over that period of time.

Some areas that spring to mind are the global Actions / Setting stuff - lots of Manifest and UI options there. There are also lots of tweaks around SQL and various SQL settings permeating through the system.

There have also been a bunch of things added to the Classes, some useful, some not, some with template support, some with hand-code support. Too many to list really.

I know I’m not being terribly helpful, but I’m not sure where to best look for a “list of things added since C6”. I have the release notes from all the builds, but even those can be vague, or incomplete in places.


#Prompt has a new option which is Edit, a single line text box.

I didnt know if there were any real “blimey thats good” sort of things, thats all really.

Until a few weeks ago, I’ve still been using C6, but I think something has hacked the virtual pc (even though its got no network and thus cant get online) because #RunDll wouldnt see some new dll procedures I’d written and thus couldnt call them from the template (even though I could see them in the libmaker and call them from another app), so I had to bite the bullet and fire up C11.

I quite like #RunDll, you can do some pretty nifty stuff with it.

Hi Richard,

I’m sure there are a few blimey that’s good things, but it’s been 10 years since I last compiled anything in Clarion 6, so honestly I don’t remember what arrived when. A lot of what has been added we already had, or have since got, of our own stuff anyway, so I haven’t been paying close attention. Most of the value I get is from the vastly improved IDE.


In the Clarion Sharp Blog @DiegoBoro discussed Template changes in Versions 7, 8, 9+. He also discussed various bugs and flaws in older template code, possibly named " Template Tips".

Unfortunately there is no category so use the Search to find “Template” and “Templates”. You also should read all the Release notes which each release is in the Blog. I would suggest you to read every post in the Blog, I did for my CIDC 2017 presentation “What’s New - Features in Clarion you might have missed in the Readme” . ClarionMag also had many articles on Clarion 7 and 8+.

Thanks I’ll check those links out and I’ll watch out for the changes.