New to Clarion : How to create a template to start the solution

Hi All,

I am new to Clarion. I want to create a new solution, but the IDE is asking me to choose the template, and I am not familiar with creating a new template. Can someone help guide me to documentation on how to create a template and solution?

Kannan. R

Hi rkan75,
Maybe it’s a idea to show here what the IDE asks ? I do not think you have to make a new template.

Hi Kannan -

What version of Clarion?

For C7 and up, if you’re on the “Application Properties” window, it’s asking which template chain you wish to use. Generally, that choice is “ABC” or “Clarion”. I prefer ABC.

If you do not see any templates available to choose from when you click the […] button, then you probably need to register your templates. But I’m pretty sure the templates are pre-registered when you install Clarion.

I hereby attached the screenshot. Please let me know if this helps?

You can register templates via the Template Registry window. Click “Tools” --> “Edit Template Registry”

Then click the “Register” button.

The templates should be located in your \Clarion\Template\Win folder

Select all of the .tpl files.


Thanks Jeff, I will do it and let you know.

What version of Clarion are you using?
Some early releases of Clarion 7 would trash the template registry if you opened more than one copy of the IDE.
From your screenshot it looks like you already had an APP and DCT loaded?

Yeah we are working on Clarion 5 and I am trying to build something new on that to understand the language.

No that’s not Clarion 5 - look at the top of the IDE it will show the Clarion version which will be Clarion 7 or greater.

Yes the IDE is clarion8 but the framework to compile the code is Clarion 5. Thats we configured now.

Back in 2011, I have done C5.5 under C8 or 9.

In a multi-DLL solution, there is at least one significant issue that I ran into. The biggest one was with the linker. The C5.5 (and I assume C5) linker is not compatible with the newer IDEs. There’s more info in PTSS# 38293

Alexey explained the issue and workaround in the PTSS comments:

Hi Jeff,

Please find the attached screenshot, while registering the template I got below errors. Can you please help on this .

“Error Could…” and “Error Unkn…” are both tell you abo…

Hi Mike,

Please find the Error description.

How have you tried to re-register the templates?
Remember what you are trying to do is restore the template registry in Clarion 5 not in Clarion 8
The simplest solution would be to restore a backup copy of Registry.TRF and restore that.
I don’t think you can re-register the Clarion 5 templates from within Clarion 8 - but Jeff will be able to confirm that.
Use the Clarion main menu - Tools - Options - Clarion - Versions and see where the Clarion 5 installation and Redirection file is

Error is showing as " Could not open include file ADO.TPW. But file is available in my “C:\Program Files (x86)\SoftVelocity\Clarion8\template\win” folder and have full access. Even though am facing this issue and compiler version also 5 only .

There could be a couple of issues.

Installing Clarion under Program Files can cause problems. Better to install in a non-UAC folder, such as c:\Clarion8.

There are numerous syntactical errors in the older templates that are not compatible with the newer versions of Clarion. I think Softvelocity might have replacement templates for use in Clarion8+C5. Otherwise, the errors need to be corrected by hand.

Hi Graham -

The old registry.trf is not used in newer Clarion.

Thanks Jeff - never done this ClarionXVersionY stuff so wasn’t sure.

All of the templates are registered via the libraries of the “new” IDE, no matter what version the templates are.
Because the new template engine has evolved, the syntactical errors from the “old” templates are detected, where the “old” IDE would allow them.
The compiler/linker are used from the “old” Clarion, but all of the template related stuff is handled by the new. Linkers older than C6 have a bug, but the C6 version can be used with the older versions as described by Alexey in the comments section of my PTSS 38293