Nightmare experience with Renewal of my Sectigo Code Signing Certificate

My current Certificate expires on the 12th of July 2021 (Today).
I placed my order on the 1st of July 2021 via the Lindersoft Setup Builder Link, thanks to Friedrich.
This was quickly and easy and Sectigo immediately took the money from my Credit Card.

Then the Nightmare started.
They sent me a e-mail with a list of documents to upload.
I uploaded all the documents, they Rejected all of them.
Then they sent me another e-mail telling me I have to do a Face to Face Identification.
I downloaded the Face to Face Identification document, completed all the information.
On the 5th of July 2021 I took all the documents to a local law firm and had everything certified by a Commissioner of Oaths.
Scanned all the documents and uploaded it, it showed Accepted.
But the Nightmare continued.
They then asked if this person was a Chartered Accountant, which she is not.
Then they asked I must verify that she is a Commissioner of Oaths.
I asked and she sent me her certificate that was issued by the Minister for Justice and Consitutional Development of South Africa, I uploaded this document as well.
Due to all these problems I decided to also have the documents certified by the South African Police Service.
On the 10th of July 2021 I went to the local Police Station and had all the documents certified by the Police Officer and uploaded them, it showed as Accepted.
This morning I received a e-mail from Sectigo asking me to verify the Police Officer, now where do they expect me to verify a Police Officer.
I checked on the link where I uploaded all the documents, now all of them shows as Rejected

12 Days later and I am no closer to getting this resolved than on the 1st of July 2021 when I placed my order.
I have been getting my Code Signing Certificates from Comodo/Sectigo every 3 years, the past 12 years, since 2009 with the same Name, Address and Telephone number.

Johan de Klerk

Hi Johan,

The world has changed a bit since 2009 - I’m not sure why you would do any of this hassle when a certificate is easily available for free from an ACME provide (like LetsEncrypt or others.)

And that’s Free, not only in money terms, but hassle as well.


Hi Bruce,

Thanks for the reply.
If I am not mistaken LetsEncrypt is only for Websites.

I need a Code Signing Certificate for my programs.
I did search for free ones at one stage and could not find any.


Johan de Klerk

You’re right - sorry, my bad - I didn’t see the “code signing” part in the title.
(I have web site certificates on the brain :slight_smile: )

No problem. :slight_smile:

Hi Johan,
This is in French but it might be what you are looking for:



Have you attempted to communicate with Sectigo by chat? Sometimes things go more smoothly if you can communicate with someone directly in addition to the existing process. It just depends on who answers the chat request. Some of the folks are very helpful and quick, and some not so much.

Hi Johan,
I have had such an experience with Sectigo.
I recommend what JSlarve suggests. Use a Chat tool and try to help some help that way.
It worked for me.


Last renewal they asked me to verify the info in a public government site. I gave them a url (ending in to a page in the mexican tax service’s site where my company’s name and tax id were visible, and that did it.

Maybe, if one of SA government agencies has your data in a site, you could try that.

Hi Eric,
Thanks for the information.
If I don’t get sorted within the next few days I will have to go this route.


Johan de Klerk

Thanks for the advice.
Have been sending e-mails and Certified documents up and down almost every day with a support ticket.
Will try the Chat option today.

Johan de Klerk

Hi Carlos,
They are asking me for a website to verify the Commissioner of Oaths as well as the South African Police Service Police Officer.
I searched and could not find any such sites.

Johan de Klerk

The chat thing was Jane’s idea, btw. :slight_smile:

Hi Jeff,

I have tried the Chat option this morning.

This is the reply I got from them:
we are in the process of review soon you will get reply

After 14 days of going up and down with them I am not very optimistic at this stage.
I am just hoping the Chat will make a difference.


Johan de Klerk

Eventually after 28 days and tons of e-mails I got my certificate just now.
Luckily another 3 years of peace, then the same process again.

Thanks again for the excellent documentation Jane did on how to get it and what to do and how to export it.

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