No EVENT:Accepted on TEXT unless it is changed

Have not tested with other versions, but it seems EVENT:Accepted is not being generated for TEXT controls in v13815. Surprised someone else has not run into this. Clearly contrary to the docs.

I just tested several ways and it worked for me. You do have to enter some text. Are you talking about AnyScreen?

txx string(500)

    TEXT,AT(357,2),USE(txx),tip('TEXT Test')

            CASE ACCEPTED() 
            OF ?txx ; Message('Accepted '& Txx)

Seems like that is the catch.
Was wanting to select different next field when tab used to accept and no text entered.

Did you try setting prop:touched?

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You guys are too darn quick this AM.
Either too much coffee or need to take a moment and pour another cup.
PROP:Touched will do the trick.
Thank you very much.

If this is conditional a good place to set Prop:Touched is in Event:Selected.

So if the user gives the Text focus you get Event:Selected and decide if you want Accepted set Prop:Touched=True

Will be testing a couple of places for setting PROP:Touched.
Because this is also an AnyScreen proc, I am unsure what will do the trick in both.
There still seems to be problems in AnyScreen with highlighting the selected field.

I have tested this on anyscreen, Iā€™m having problems when the entry with PROP:Touched=TRUE is the first control on window. Needs to select the entry again to make EVENT:Accepted takes effect. Here is my sample app for reference. (2.3 MB)