Not able to select and use Control Templates


I have a problem with using the windows formatter in my Clarion 11…
I have tried it with different projects and with both forms and browses.
I am not able to select any control templates and place them on a form or a browse.
Using the normal toolbox in no problem.

Any suggestions on how to for instance reset it so that it works again?

Best regards

Can you see the Control Templates Pad? If not you can pick it from the VIEW Menu.

Or can you see the Control Templates Pad, but they will not Drag N Drop onto the Window? Alternatively to DND you can click on the desired Temple then click on the Form to add it?

Thanks for your reply.
I can see all relevant control templates when I have the windows designer open.
But it seems that occasionally I cannot get focus on the tab. I am not able to select a template,.
and drop it or drag it onto a window-

It’s not designed to have focus, and as far as I know is not designed to do drag and drop.

Click on template you want to add.
Click on Window.
Save window (immediately, without further clicking to avoid possible crash)

Well, I know how Clarion works (when it works as it should…)

I am able to use control templates normally, if I create new procedures and put browses, browsebuttons etc on the window in the normal fashion.

However, for some reason it doesnt work on existing procedures. This happens in multiple applications.

I have Clarion installed locally, but my applications are in Microsoft Onedrive.