Noyantis Codejock CommandBars Version 19.0.0 and 19.3.0 mixed stops responding to clicks

I am using noyantis commandbars ver. 4.07 with Clarion 6.2.
I am using commandbar 19.0. Ocx is installed
on the system in c: \ windows \ syswow64 \ Codejock.CommandBars.v19.0.0.ocx.
My application is working fine. The ribbon responds to clicks.
I have installed another third-party program that is using
This program also installs in c: \ windows \ syswow64
Codejock.CommandBars.v19.3.0.ocx file
After this installation, I run my program and the ribbon does not respond to clicks.
Codejock version v 19.0.0 is set in noyantis global extenstions.

Any idea what is going wrong?

I don’t know
But have you considered using a regfree manifest approach, as that specifies version numbers.

Hi Adam,

Unfortunately that is correct behaviour if you are not using RegFree COM (which you can’t do with Clarion 6.2 - it was only supported from Clarion 9.1 onwards).

The OCX control will only post events back if its the last version registered on the system. So, if you were to run RegSvr32 on the v19.0.0 then your app would start to receive the events again - great, but the app that’s using v19.3.0 would then stop receiving events.

As said above, the scenario is fine with RegFree COM because each app will run using the equivalent of its own virtual copy of the registry, so both v19.0.0 and v19.3.0 can work independently of each other.

One option you have is to switch the version of CommandBars your app uses to v19.3.0 like the other app - but of course you could run into the same issue again in the future should another different app be installed using yet another different version.