Noyantis Codejock Wrapper Templates Now CJ19.3.0 compatible

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We’re pleased to announce that all our Codejock wrapper templates have been updated to include compatibility with CJ v19.3.0

These updates are free to all users who have an Active Maintenance Plan in place.

They can be downloaded via the Products page within the members portal of our web site -


Team noyantis

Is the skin error witn clarion menu fixed?

3D graphs are they supported with the new templates (chartpro)


It depends on which version of Clarion you are using?
If you are using earlier supported versions (eg C6) then yes, but if you are using later versions (eg C10 / C11) then no - and unfortunately we are at the mercy of SV for this because they control the “Owner Drawn” attribute of the menus RTL.

We do want to find work around solutions and these are still being looked into.
In the meantime, I would recommend using one of our navigation type options (like CommandBars, TaskPanel or ShortcutBar) to replace the Clarion menu. They all have options to automatically read the Clarion menu content and present it within their structure - then hide the Clarion menu. All of these controls are compatible with the SkinFramework control because they are from the same supplier - and not restricted by Clarion’s RTL.

I hope this helps,



Support for the 3D graphs will be added to the next update of the ChartPro template.
The next version will be released during October 2020.



Thanks for your reply

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