Noyantis Special Offers for CIDC 2023

Hi Everyone,

With the CIDC 2023 event almost upon us, and with the training material really growing in content (LOTS of real world, usable content), then we thought we’d create some special offers to help everyone get the most out of our products :slight_smile:


For users who already have most of our products but want to add the latest (eg the new DevExtreme wrapper), then there is a 10% special offer - use coupon code “CIDC2023”. hint :wink: the code works on Maintenance Plan renewals too!!!

For users who have only a few of our products (lapsed or active), but want to “fill in the gaps” and bring themselves fully up to date, then please feel free to contact us with your account number and we’ll arrange a special discount code for you directly.

For new users, who want to get the most out of all the exciting new material and the skeleton apps - then we’ve created a new “Wrapper Template Bundle” product, which includes a licence to each of our products (including the new DevExtreme wrapper). We’ve also created a 25% special offer on this product - use code “MEGABUNDLE” - please note, the MEGABUNDLE coupon is only valid for use with the “Wrapper Template Bundle” product (Wrapper Template Bundle – noyantis)

Note, the DevExtreme wrapper is not on public release yet and only in beta, but we’ll be training on it at the CIDC 2023 event, so the beta will be public ally available by then.

All sales have to be made directly via our web secure site -



There’s still time to sign up for CIDC 2023 at the CIDC Live website and watch 8 Pre-Conference Training Sessions plus 5 days of the CIDC Conference Sessions! Read more in Bruce’s post…