Noyantis TaskPanel wrapper v5.03 update now available

Hi Everyone,

We’re pleased to announce the release of v5.03 of our Codejock TaskPanel wrapper template.

In this build…

  • New ‘KeyValuePair’ feature added.

  • Additional information can now be stored against any defined entity.

  • New Method: ‘AddKeyValuePair’

  • New Method: ‘ClearKeyValuePairs’

  • New Method: ‘DeleteKeyValuePair’

  • New Method: ‘GetKeyValuePair’

  • BUG FIX : Setting of Group and Item properties was not expanding passed in value correctly which caused data to be missed (eg, Leading zeros and Double Quotes)

  • BUG FIX : Mimic controls not actioned during init’

This update is free to all users who have an Active Maintenance Plan in place.

It can be downloaded via the Products page within the members area of our web site.



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