Noyantis Wrapper Templates - New Major Update available

Hi Everyone,

We’re extremely pleased to announce the release of v6.00 of all of our wrapper templates.

These updates have been a long time in development and in truth, I would have still liked to fit even more in - but, its been quite a while since we started work on them so its high time they were made available to you. So, even though these updates are available now, but you can expect smaller, individual product updates in the near future while I finish off the “wish list” for each individual product.

In the coming days, I will post a more detailed description of each individual product update, but for now I will list just a few of the new features in this build…

  • The mechanism of how the templates / classes are compiled into your app has changed - this makes it easier to specify which products are exported from which apps, but also, in some cases (eg, Chilkat Wrapper) you can actually specify which parts of the product are compiled in - making it easier to exclude some classes that you do not use.

  • Template Helper : This now includes the ability to automatically copy in the required OCX / DLL files into your app folder at compile time - just in case you forget to do it yourselves.

  • Template Helper: A new Host window facility is provided to allow you to create your own “Host” windows that can be auto docked (and resized etc), which can then contain a number of controls instead of just one, making it easier to use different controls as content of another control (eg, a TaskPanel within a Shortcut Bar)

  • Chilkat : The Oauth2 base class now has generic “Connect” and “Reconnect” methods to make it much easier to use your own Oauth2 connection details.

  • Chilkat : A new Emails Task Class dedicated to all things “Email” - this includes connection facilities for Generic type email accounts, Gmail (OAuth2) and Office365 (OAuth2). It also covers Imap / Pop mailboxes and SMTP sending

  • Chilkat : A new MYOB Task Class

  • Chilkat : A new Stripe Payments Task Class

  • Chilkat : A new WooCommerce Task Class

  • ReportControl : The loading has been greatly enhanced and optimized which results in some major speed enhancements.

  • ReportControl : Column definitions now include the facility for you to specify the desired display picture (eg, the sorting value could be a Clarion date, but the visual caption would be a readable date)

  • ReportControl : Locators added (Step and Incremental)

  • DockingPanes : Major optimizations to the creation of the Panes along with new facilities of the Panes themselves.

  • Calendar : Optimizations to the loading of the Calendar

  • Calendar : New “Owner” attribute to Calendar Events

  • Calendar : New facility to send Text Messages for Events (eg Events with Reminders)

  • SyntaxEdit : Ability to mark individual rows as Read Only

In truth, there are LOADS of other enhancements, fixes and optimizations. I will go through each products change log in the coming days and will post the changes here and on the newsgroups etc…

New updates to the example apps have been performed and are included with each product.

PLEASE NOTE!!! As mentioned earlier… the way the classes are compiled in has changed so all noyantis products will have to be updated together - basically no mixture of PRE v6 and v6 in the same solution - all noyantis products MUST be at least v6 onwards…

These update are free to all users who have an Active Maintenance Plan in place.
They can be downloaded via the Products page within the members area of our web site.



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