Ok Button - issues with Accept embeds being called for all ENTRY fields

Using C10 ABC, MSSQL

Hi all, on a form 5 of the entry fields have on their Accept embed a call to a Routine that checks the date entered into the field and calculates due dates etc. That all works well when dates are entered into the relevant fields. Accept when I press the forms Ok button to close the form, all of the Accept embeds on the fields are called again – in this example the same Routine is now called 5 times when saving.

I tested in one of the Clarion examples with a Message on a fields Accept embed and it was displayed when the Ok button was selected.

Is there away to stop the fields Accept embeds from being called when the OK button is called?



Read PROP:AcceptAll help topic.


Thanks so much Mike, worked perfectly. When I went and looked I had used it elsewhere in the app - I can only blame Friday brain :).

In each of the places where I called the Routine I changed it to the below and so far works exactly as I need it to.

 IF NOT 0{Prop:AcceptAll} THEN
    DO CalcApplicationStartDate

Thanks again.

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