Old Clarion packages and disks

I was sent these a whole back by @bernd_lu but neither of us managed to get around to posting them. Finally I remembered so here is a great series images of disks, manuals and things from the archives, thanks Bernd!


Hello Brahn,

Thank you to post the old stuff content to the community. I didn’t find time to post it by myself, later I didn’t remember.

This grainy photo is from 2012. A 20 liter pail of old floppies. Mostly Clarion related.

The dog (Katie) passed away a couple of years ago.

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Would really be impressed if someone posted a photo of the Clarion dongle.

I still have the box, disk and manuals that came with my original Clarion Dos edition prior to Clarion 2 professional. I also have every box, manual and disk since then. Not sure what to do with them.