Old Program Recovery

I am using the latest CW 11

I have a .APP and a .DCT file and a very old .CWPROJ and I need to recreate the Solution and recompile the EXE.

Can any one shed light on how I should do this please, because I am a bit confused - When I try and recreate the solution and do a recovery, I simply get thousands of errors - I cannot seem to create the programname.CLW file though which may be the issue.

what exactly error you got? Probably because your old app is using some 3rd party templates?

In that cases i usually create an empty folder and copy app file and dct file to it. then i open .app with clarion ide , it should create a solution file and a cwproj file, after that i complete the new cwproj with the old one by reading and comparing xml tags from each file.

Discarding that the errors are not from references to 3rd party templates

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Thank you for responding. WOW… I have managed to find the cause of the problem… and it was very nasty.

I found that the .DCT that I recovered had one less table in it than than an earlier version. And although that one table was not reference anywhere in the APP, when I restored the previous version of the .DCT everything compiled correctly as per your help.

Thank you - but it is now working - but it was very confusing