Old Version Clarion Cannot Open in Windows 10

I am unable get past the login screen on my new desktop running windows 10. When the password prompt shows, no text shows up in the text box when typing. Im pretty sure it’s a compatibility issue and I’ve tried every format but no luck so far. Any feedback would help please.

What version of Clarion (IDE??) you are talking about???
What is login screen you are talking about??

Can you run your app in the debugger or put some debugview code in the window which handles your login screen?

Failing that, download and install this api monitor http://www.rohitab.com/apimonitor and watch the relevant window control api’s.

Are you using an entry box or a text control for your username and pwd in the window?

What version of clarion and what template chain you using?

I also have the same issue with my Login screen and also several other screens in my C6 application. This issue is explained in https://clarionhub.com/t/a-strange-application-behaviour-on-windows-10-creators-edition-1703-build/1262/7

I would suggest you visit the above link. Probably we all are heading towards it.

Reverting back to the previous Windows 10 build 1607 resolves the issue in my case. (This is NOT the resolution to this issue).

I have the following templates:
FM3 4.65
IP Driver 2.3
ABC Free (One application instance)
RPM: Report templates (6.3)
Taboga barocde
SV’s Graph Global Extension

I had knocked up a simple app with just the debugview class in, my own custom events and confirmed it in c6 and c8a few years back but never got round to reporting it, didnt go back to try c55, c5 or earlier. If I can find the app I’ll post it and post it to the sv ng’s as well but with lots of hard drives & magnetic backups wiped, its a slow process examining the recovered files. I’ll try it on c55 as well in case it was introduced when c6 started proper threading as I’ve never been able to get the inter thread messaging to work under load either which is also linked to this underlying FIFO/LIFO problem.

Bottom line is, you might get a couple of window event msgs arrive in quick success in a busy app, usually the open windows is one such area, and thats when you could see the problems, much like when a multi threaded app is not bound to a single core, one thread gets ahead of itself due to being on a core with less work, and its not been programmed to wait or the inter thread messaging doesnt work properly.

I wouldnt be too hung up with the creators update or Win10 in general though, I have seen the new dot net like settings, update & security, windows update, update history, show KB updates have failed to install, but when using control panel, programs & features, view installed updates, has shown the same KB updates have installed successfully, so make of that what you will. Different parts of windows are reporting opposites!

Problem for MS is all the old school coders have long since left so the underlying core is little changed really, apart from a new fs seen in some of the latest server edition.
Theres a little bit more bolted into the networking, like its possible to send some packets to a win 10 machine which will trigger loading MS Edge up which could be useful, (just use wireshark for this to find the packets), but its just little tweaks here and there with yet another make over to confuse the user base. I dont think windows is capable of being split up, and with the latest tricks like not installing some older printer drivers automatically forcing users to download the drivers from their printer manufacturer with yet more activity spying/telemetry feed back, its getting hard to justify using windows every day.
Little test, block cortana, set firefox as your default web browser, lock down some other services in the firewall and win10 will force firefox to open up on msn.com.