On ClarionLive Connect! May 22nd, Motti Stenge from TextGrid talks about SMS messaging

On Wednesday May 22nd on ClarionLive Connect! we welcome Motti Stenge, Co-founder and COO of TextGrid (www.textgrid.com)!

TextGrid is an alternative to Twilio. Setting up your customers to use SMS text messaging has become somewhat complicated, with companies now needing to register a Brand, as well as creating Campaigns and getting them certified. If a company is not certified, texts can be blocked by the carriers.

TextGrid is “API Messaging Simplified”. It allows us as developers to program the API calls necessary to get our customers registered and up and running with text messaging. Their messaging rates are also less expensive then Twilio.

From their website:

“Switch to Textgrid without worrying about touching your code. Our team of technology experts have engineered a battle-tested way to switch from Twilio to TextGrid by replacing only 1 line of your code. Simply switch your base URL from api.twilio.com to api.textgrid.com. Your switch will not affect any of your team’s code.”

About the presenter:

"Motti graduated from McGill University of Montreal with a Bachelor of Commerce, and was recruited as US Biz Dev liaison for one of Canada’s first online retail companies. He then pivoted to the banking space as a first step towards money management, where he unexpectedly but consistently led his colleagues in sales performance.

Motti then moved to a small communications startup, where he helped guide the company as it grew by 200% over the first three years. He was also instrumental in securing and maintaining several of the company’s primary partnerships, representing a growing portion of the total revenue.

The move to TextGrid was a natural segway from the industry and position that he had come from, and while clearly hitting the ground running, Motti is willing and able to learn from everyone around him."

Here is the link for tomorrow’s YouTube stream: https://youtube.com/live/dquJeEq3-aM

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Thanks, and we hope to see you on Wednesday!

– John Hickey
– Mary Wade
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