Open a file (any extension) on a local or network drive

How can I open a file with any extension through Clarion? I am able to save a file via FileDialog. But now I need to be able to open the file - preferably, without revealing the location of the file.

ShellExecute - for handcoders
Most of the time I use SHELLEX.TPL -Template from SterlingData - easy

What sort of “OPEN” do you have in mind?

If you mean OPEN a file inside of clarion?
then Use the DOS driver

If you mean
OPEN like double clicking on it in windows explorer
use ShellExcecute as Piet suggested

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I was referring to just opening a file (like a Word document) saved on local or network.

I was able to figure it out by using a CapeSoft HyperActive Control. It was super easy.


If you’re using a later release of Clarion then the RUN command will open any file with the application that’s associated with the file extension, so


will open yourFile.DOCX with (by default) Word


Good to know. Thanks.