Open a new blank web tab where one can type/paste in the url

Prompted by a question on the skype CW-Talk2 chat I present to you a very simple addin that adds a new menu item for opening a blank browser window!

Create a new file under accessory\addins\ somewhere called something like BlankBrowser.addin

Inside that new file add this text:

<AddIn name    = "BlankBrowser"
   author      = "Fushnisoft"
   url         = ""
   copyright   = ""
   description = "">
		<Identity name="BlankBrowser.Addin" version="1.0"/>
		<Dependency addin = "SharpDevelop" version = "2.1"/>
	<Path name = "/SharpDevelop/Workbench/MainMenu/File/New">
		<MenuItem id = "BlankBrowser"
				  label = "Open an empty browser window"
				  icon = "Icons.16x16.WebSearchIcon"
				  shortcut     = "Control|Alt|W"
				  link = "browser://about:blank"/>

This will open a new browser starting at about:blank

Or… simply download this one!

BlankBrowser.addin (543 Bytes)

In case you are curious, this is the original #dev v2.1.0 source that determines how a “link” is handled when declared in an addin:

Note the different protocols recognized: http, https, ftp and browser.