Open http page in clarion using a default browser (not ie)

hi, it is possible to open a http page in a default browser (chrome)?

szAction                    CSTRING('open')
szUrl                       CSTRING(LEN(CLIP(url))+1), AUTO
  szUrl = CLIP(url)
  ShellExecute(0, szAction, szUrl, 0, 0, SW_SHOWNORMAL)

Hi, Think you for syour support, i have a error when compiling in Shellexecute

hi, shellexecute if a clarion fonction?

Maybe look at this Topic for more details:

Link to websites - ClarionHub

Try this one …

I was thinking of starting the default web browser when I start a locally run nettalk web server.

BUT I wanted to launch using the -app= option and I couldn’t figure out how to do that with shellexecute.

So, this codes gets the default web browser command line and then adds the -app= into the mix and executes it. (Uses WinEvent and StringTheory)

! Get the default Browser Command Line
    ProgID = ds_getReg(WE::WM_HKEY_CURRENT_USER,'Software\Microsoft\Windows\Shell\Associations\UrlAssociations\https\UserChoice','ProgId')

    LaunchCmd = ds_getReg(WE::WM_HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT,clip(ProgID) & '\shell\open\command','')

! Build CommandLine and Run
    ! Launch command contains the path to the EXE in Quotes
    ! Trim off First Character which is a "
    ! Get value from Start to the end "
    commandLine = stc.Before('"',,,0)

    Parameters = command(1)     ! Second Element - I was passing my URL for testing
! Test:  Parameters = ''
    if lower(left(Parameters,4)) = 'http' THEN
        ! we need to add -app=
        Parameters = '-app=' & clip(Parameters)

    commandLine = clip(commandLine) & ' ' & clip(Parameters)