Open Map dataset released

This stuff was mentioned in the “Data is Plural” email list. Maybe some of you map app folks would be interested.

From the list:

Much mapping material. The Overture Maps Foundation has released its first datasets, which include 59 million “points of interest” (landmarks, businesses, parks, etc.), 785 million building outlines, road network data, and administrative boundaries. The initiative, which is steered by several giant tech companies, “could help third-party developers use maps that don’t rely on Google and Apple,” The Verge’s Emma Roth writes. The datasets draw on a range of sources, including the project’s member-companies, OpenStreetMap, and USGS’s 3D Elevation Program. Read more : “Exploring the Overture Maps places data using DuckDB, sqlite-utils and Datasette,” by Simon Willison, who considers the data release “a really big deal.” [h/t Avi Levin]