Open windows in Tabs and on the taskbar

I have a BrowseDossiers and UpdateDossier window. Because I use templates from Mike Hanson (SuperStuff) I can open more than 1 updatewindow. But (did not expect that) the user minimizes one or more Updatewindows and than they’r moved to the bottom of the screen.
I also use (Global) MDI tabs, zo the open windows show on top of the frame.
The question: is there a way to double click on the MDI tab to bring that window to the front ?

I haven’t tried this, but I’ll bet you can restore programatically
Possibly 0{PROP:Iconize} = FALSE
you might also want to give focus to that window using 0{PROP:Active} = TRUE

For now, I have a solution: because I use Mikes 's templates (ThreadedBrowse+ Form) I can doubleclick on the line In the browse of that dossier and that brings the (update) window to the front.