Out of Support Templates

Hi All,

I am looking for latest (or last released) versions of templates which is not supported anymore and not available for sale, or otherwise, on the internet - companies closed down as well as their websites.
It is possible that I do have the last version, even though it is old, but I just want to make sure I have the latest.
I have found a couple of websites which have adopted these old templates but cannot find all of it.
Does anyone know of a place where I can find such templates?

Templates I currently require:

  • iQXML (did find version v.4.04 on Github)
  • xFunction (Seal-Soft) - my version - v2.7
  • FilePath (not sure if this is a template - I only have the class library files)
  • PDFX Tools - I contacted the company which has adopted these templates but even they dont support it anymore.
  • Taboga Barcode - I have version 1.21.

I might have the latest versions, but I suspect some are incomplete - like FilePath.
So, I just want to get it updated to the best/latest I can get.


IQXML can be gotten here GitHub - Devuna/Devuna-IQXML: Clarion IQXML library and templates

Search for “taboga” on Clarionshop.com. I don’t know the other ones.

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Version 4.1 is the last version of the PDFX tools I have.


Charles Edmonds (Lansrad) took over the SealSoft stuff so maybe check with him about xFunction as I do not see it listed here:

I think xFunction was a free product from SealSoft.

and I think Oleg Fomin took over the Taboga stuff originally developed by Edgard L. Riba:


The main thing with third party products is to try to get the source code if it is written in Clarion, as otherwise you will be stuck on a given version of Clarion if they go out of business (as the “black box” dll will be tied to a given Clarion runtime version).


Ok, great.
Thanks Rick

Thank you very much.
I didn’t expect Taboga to be on Clarionshop but I’m glad you pointed me there.

Thank you,

I found alot of SealSoft’s templates on LansRad/ClarionProSeries, but they don’t have xFunction listed - I did send a message - will be hearing from them soon I hope.

Yes, you’re right about the DLLs. That’s part of the reason I need to upgrade because it seems that some of the DLLs are incompatible with Clarion11’s RTL.


Ingasoft’s EasyListPrint

10 years ago? Should we mention all?

No, but it was a very nice template :slight_smile:

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It was, but you can use CapeSoft SendTo now to do the same thing.

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I’m assuming - bad idea - that you have tried compiling with the version of xFunction that you have and there was an issue. If not, oft times, the older templates will work with 10 and 11. Other times, you can make a minor change to the 6.3 templates and they will work fine. You might try editing the templates if there is a compile error…

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Thanks for the reply Steve.
In the beginning when I started with all outdated templates, I did have to make a few changes in the templates to get it compiling. But then it wasn’t able to run - getting runtime error messages such as “application did not start correctly”, and “incorrect RTL version” etc. So I assumed, :slight_smile: , that it’s the libraries that these templates are linking in that is incompatible with the Clarion11 RTL. So, I started upgrading the templates to get their latest libraries that should be able to work with Clarion11 RTL. But I ran into a few dead ends with some templates where these templates/libraries are not being maintained/supported anymore.
So, it seems my only solution is to find an alternative template which have similar functionality.
xFunction seems to reference the windows version.dll - so I don’t think this one is the culprit.
PDFXTools however, references a few unknown DLLs - I will try to source these from the web as they might be 3rd party to PDFXTools.

I don’t think Pdf-tools uses any clarion dlls. So I don’t think that’s the cause of the problem. I’m still using Pdf-Tools 4.1,from ages ago, in c11 apps.


Thanks Bruce.
That will help alot.