Password Protection of Application EXE

Hi Fellow Clarion programmers
I have a question. How can I password protect my application. (EXE)

Thanks so much

Create a Data Base of Users with Login Name and Password.
Generate an APP to maintain that Users file.
Before your Frame displays open a Window to ask the Login Name and Password. If that is incorrect close the program.

This project of mine shows some example login windows:


Box Soft has Super Security that I use on projects. It allows much more than just the initial login. It allows Doors and Levels to limit access to certain Procedures or even Buttons and Controls. E.g. a User may not be allowed Add or Delete but can Change. Plus much more.

Capesoft has SecWin that you can read about in the below link. I do not use it but know it has similar features to Super Security plus Email and Web features.

Have a look at secwin from capesoft. It does security and licensing

You should also consider encrypting your USER file so nobody can see any passwords if they happen to try opening the file.

Storing a password (unless you need to use it for a proxy) is… suboptimal.

Much better to store a salted hash.

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