Pbdy.$$$ error message durring make

I have a large, stable, 10 dll CW63ee ABC veterinary package that recently has began presenting the following during a make of any dll. I have been doing routine makes using this computer for many months without incident until recently.

[ABWINDOW.TPW] Error: Cannot open file PBDY.$$$
[ABWINDOW.TPW] Error: Cannot close file PBDY.$$$

These messages are presented in pairs as shown, sometimes repeated

Sometimes I can get the make to proceed to completion but once this occurs it persists. I think it has to do with some temp file not being properly flushed out. I looked in the “C:\Users\ComputerName\AppData\Local\TEMP” folder for this file, even searched “C:*.$$$”, but nothing is presented. Hidden files are set to be visible.

If I restart the computer (Win7 Enterprise) I can complete one more make before the condition re-occurrs. That’s pretty irritating! I have a copy of the whole package on another PC (an old backup XP Home edition) and everything works just fine there.

I haven’t had a question for the community for some years now but this has me stumped. Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Kindest regards to all of you.
Doug Selzler

The PBDY.$$$ is the temp file created by the template for generation. Sounds like there there might be a problem with too many temp files? perhaps. Permissions? But for some reason it’s not able to create the file.

Hi Doug,

This usually happens because of another application locking the PBDY.$$$ temp file so that Clarion can’t remove it.
Try setting your Anti-Virus to ignore the folder where your project is.

Could also be things like automatic backup programs.


Thank you Sean & Graham,

Friday, after powering down and restarting, some time later, I was unable to get past the error on the first subsequent make. So that appears to discount my thought that activity somewhere during any use of the computer since power on contributed to this. I quit for the day.

Today I thought:
I will clean up and remove any unused installed programs on the hard drive. This is an older, hand me down computer used by my wife. I removed as many programs that didn’t look important: Zune, Kindle etc. that were no longer pertinent to anyone using the computer. I also removed the Microsoft anti-virus program all uninstalled via Add/Remove programs.

I had been using this computer solely for Clarion development since mid January this year without incident until this PDBY error showed up a couple of weeks ago.

The computer is not used for any web access and has not been physically connected to the router for some time. However, this morning I connected it, updated Malwarebytes and cCleaner and ran both of them. No issues reported by Malwarebytes. I have almost all of cCleaners Windows and Applications check boxes checked. Actually I use cCleaner a lot and run it frequently.

I then disconnected the ethernet cable. There is no wireless capability on the computer and to be redundent the router’s wireless is off. I don’t like wireless and use it sparingly, never in the office.

Each of the 10 dll apps have always been in a folder by itself. When I do most makes I delete everything from the app folder being built except for the APP and any LIB files from lower heirarchical APPs trying to keep things as clean as I can. Not always but in this exercise I have.

I went into the “C:\Users\ComputerName\AppData\Local\TEMP” folder and deleted basically everything. Then via cCleaner’s Tools I checked the presented “Startup” choices. All were disabled. To be anal, I then ran “Msconfig” to see if it presented anything different. Some of the presented names appeared a little different (??) but the count was the same and all of them were disabled.

I am the only person using this computer and am running Windows 7 Enterprise as Administrator.

Having done all of the above, I started to make the remaining dll components. I had completed four on Friday. I was successful making four more this morning without any incident. On the 5th APP make the error occurred again.

I then went to the …\TEMP folder to see what and how many files existed. There were five files: C60TMDBX.$$$, C60TMDC2.$$$, C60TMDK6.$$$, C60TMDQE.$$$, C60TMDYE.$$$. I have no idea what they are and why they are here rather than in the pertinent APP folder.

On each build I had the File Explorer window open to watch the build generation. I could see PBDY.$$$ come and go frequently for each module as it was generated.

I closed the APP, closed and restarted Clarion and proceeded to try the build again. It was successful. So on to the 10th and final of the dll app builds. The Main built successfully as well. So only one occurrance of the PBDY error this morning but still… I may rerun the entire process again tomorrow just to see what happens.

Out of curiosity I went back to the …\TEMP folder to see what and how many files existed. There were four files: C60TMH6Q.$$$, C60TMH89.$$$, C60TMHOJ.$$$, C60TMHT1. Since this PBDY.$$$ file is tied to template generation, I went to look at the …\Template folder for the C60EE folder and only one file: Registry.TRF had a relatively recent date stamp (3/12/2017).

Question then. Do you think deleting (unregistering) and reregistering all templates would be useful? The only non Clarion template I use is vuMail.

Again thank you to Sean & Graham. Please pardon the long winded reply but I wanted to be as thorough as I could to aid those of you kind enough to help me resolve the irritation.

– Doug

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Hi Doug,

The temp files with names like C60TMXXX.$$$, where XXX is replaced by random alphanumeric characters contain details of the project being compiled.
If you open one with Notepad you’ll see they start with the lines
– Generator
#system win32
etc etc

They shouldn’t cause any issues.

I don’t think recreating the template registry would help.

Not sure what else to suggest really.
Do you have Conditional Generation turned on in Application Options?
I’ve always unticked that to be sure Clarion generates everything each time.


We’ve modified Clarion templates to generate %ApplicationName.$$$ file instead of PBDY.$$$
We had a lot of problems with this file in multi-user environment
You can also modify Clarion redirection file to specify where *.$$$ files should be generated

Leonid Chudakov
[email protected]

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Here is a follow-up to this thread. After cleaning out unused programs, temp files all over the place and clearing the recycle bin, etc. I proceeded to do some more builds without error. Can’t say that anything specific that I did solved the problem but things were better.

Until this morning!

The following are not “PBDY” files, but as I watched the build unfold in the app folder I noticed the coming and going of these “V9S.B1$” temp files. Then just before the end the following was presented.

[ABBLDSHP.TPW] Error: Cannot open file V9S.B1$
[ABBLDSHP.TPW] Error: Cannot close file V9S.B1$
[ABBLDEXP.TPW] Error: Cannot open file V9S.B1$
[ABBLDEXP.TPW] Error: Cannot close file V9S.B1$

“V9S” is the dll app that I was working on.

I closed the app, reopened it and tried the build again, this time successfully. Hmmm…

This is an older computer that I bought refurbished about 5 years ago but I had swapped out the hard drive early this year from another older computer that I had.

So, I’m wondering, perhaps the memory in this machine may be presenting intermittent flakiness. Something along these lines. Any thoughts?

Thanks, as always for any replies.
– Doug