PDF Clarion reports using hand-coded projects?

Is anyone aware of a way to create Clarion PDF reports via hand-coded projects that do NOT use templates?

If not, then what is your preferred PDF print driver that you use to output the reports to a saved location?

I’m still on Clarion 6.

I’m not sure if I understand you correctly but I don’t create PDFs from Clarion code. I install either Cute PDF writer (http://www.cutepdf.com/Products/CutePDF/writer.asp) or FoxIT reader which allows the end user to select a PDF printer as you would any paper printer.

Hi David!

I am creating archived form reports (packing lists, Bill of Ladings, etc.) on my main server using Nova PDF and it works. But I am upgrading my server soon and wanted to know if I can do this without having to use a PDF print driver.

I created a hand-coded test program that creates a two page clarion report and rights out the report to two .wmf files using the Clarion standard calls:

RPT{PROP:TempNameFunc} = ADDRESS(PageNames)
!do report here…
RPT{PROP:TempNameFunc} = 0
RPT{PROP:FlushPreview} = FALSE

Now that I have the two wmf files does anyone know of a way for me to do a command line conversion of wmf files to pdf? Without having to spend a lot of money online for a command line tool?

Why oh why can’t it just be simple? :slight_smile:


You can easlily convert wmf to PDF using our wPDFControl Clarion wrapper

I will scope that out lchudakov!

I just did after I typed above… $249.00 is a little rich for my blood. Thanks anyway.

Unless I only need the wPDFControl Clarion wrapper update to C10: $39.95?

If you have Enterprise Edition or the SV extra report generators package you can generate PDF using WMF parser and PDF generator classes from Clarion.
Something like this will get you going.

WMFParser      WMFDocumentParser           
PDFReporter    PDFReportGenerator

  PDFReporter.SetFileName('full path and name of file')  !Optionally set the name of the PDF output file. If you don't do this then the user will be prompted for a file name
  WMFParser.Init(PrintPreviewQueue, PDFReporter.IReportGenerator)
  IF PDFReporter.IReportGenerator.AskProperties(False)=Level:Benign THEN
    IF WMFParser.GenerateReport()=Level:Benign THEN

Depending on the report layout the Clarion based PDF files sometimes have issues with the placement of strings in the resulting PDF. This seems to depend on the report and the end-users printer driver, but it works well for most cases.

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I am using 6.0 Professional version and don’t use the SV extra report generators currently so that won’t do it for me Rick.

But I appreciate the reply!!!

I don’t know if you can still purchase the PDF generator for Clarion 6 from SoftVelocity.
But if you need to buy something I would go with Leonid’s Klarisoft product.
You’ll get a higher quality result with tool than with the SoftVelocity version.

Probable can’t get the SV version now. And, it probably requires templates/apps which I don’t use.

I will open up a dialog with Klarisoft directly if it makes sense to go that route.

Thanks for your help Rick!