PeQue install Clarion

Good morning, could someone help me, I’m not able to compile the application in Clarion, would you have this template for me to install “PeQue”

Its likely helpful if you add more information. Specifically which Build number of Clarion you are using, and the specific error you are getting.

From what you have said, im guessing you are getting some error about peque when openjng, or compiling, the app?

Which suggests you are opening an already existing app? The obvious answer is for you to inspect the environment of the app author. If that is not possible then include that information.

Ive never heard of PeQue myself, which suggests it may be a custom template or class by that developer. Or it may just be something ive never heard of.

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I think that’s part of the ABCFree template set.

Found this (a some others) on the newsgroups…

It can be done with clean Clarion code, but I’m using ABC free Templates (Terminate a process part): to get all active Process into Queue:

TPLoadProcessesQueue() ! Fill all process into pequeue
LOOP L = 1 TO RECORDS(peque)
! You can filter here only your app, like this:
! IF PeQ:szExeFile <> ‘your.exe’ THEN CYCLE. ! PeQ:szExeFile is lower case
ProcessHandle = OpenProcess(PROCESS_SET_QUOTA,fInherit,PeQ:th32ProcessID)
X# = SetProcessWorkingSetSize(ProcessHandle,-1,-1)

The ABCFree templates can be found on Icetips in the PAR2 files download section…