Performance lack of IDE after updating to C10 12799

I have updated C10 12567 to 12799 these days. After that I found that after editing a procedure in the IDE and closing with save & exit the IDE works for 25 to 35 seconds before it is back in acceptance mode. I have to mention that I don’t have updated to the latest templates and ABC-sources, but they are on state of 12567. In the DCT there are round 100 tables. In the application tree are round about 10 procedures.

With C62 the IDE performance with the same apps is pretty good (2-4 seconds after save and exit).

I work with two W7 32Bit guests on a intel core 7 machine and VirtualBox (current version). One is for C62 the other for C10.

Thankyou for any advise,


I’ve checked C10 12799 with a physical W7 x64 8GB Lenovo i5 vPro, 256GB SSD now. Save & Exit the same procedure (same templates & libsrc) needs only 5 seconds to complete. Have to say that the virtual machine on my old i7 uses a SSD drive also but has only 3.5GB RAM (w7 32Bit).

Sincerly Bernd